Kinderskills is a program that provides preschool aged children with a variety of movement activities in order to promote their development. Encouraging many different types of movement can benefit children by contributing to the development and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle which in turn promotes self-confidence, and emotional, social, and cognitive skills.  Each Kinderskills child receives one to one attention from atl_files/sites/rec/Photos/Kinderskillssm.jpg student instructor.   Gross and fine movement activities will be individualised according to each child's current level of abilities.   A student instructor will assess your child's current level of abilities in a number of areas, and will then implement play-based activities to promote development in these areas.



Children aged 1-5


10:30 to 11:20 a.m.

Mondays and Fridays


Acadia University, Main Gym


$50 per term


$90 for the year

Fall 2012 dates: Monday, September 24th - Friday, November 30th 

(except Oct. 5, 8, & Nov. 12) 

Winter 2013 dates: Monday, January 21rd - Friday, April 5th

(except Feb. 15, 18, & 22) 


By lottery; ballots can be entered at any time.  Click here to download form.  Completed forms can be faxed to 585-1702.


For more information about the program,  call 585-1457


Registration is limited to 50 children