A Creative, Fun Place

A basic tenet of our program is that quality of life and recreation are essential. We practice what we preach... be it a night on the town, curling for the Christmas social or a trip to the theatre with the student society. Play, sports and fun are a formal and informal part of what we do.

 Here are some of the elements that make Wolfville and the surrounding area special...

  • The Fundy Film Festival screens more repertory films through the Toronto Film Festival distribution system than any other theatre in Canada.
  • Three state of the art live theatre venues regularly hosting major concerts, musicals, dramatic theatre, dance, lectures, etc. including a diverse range of local to internationally renowned talent.
  • Just Us!, Canada's first Fair Trade Coffee Roaster and the only Fair Trade coffee museum on the continent.
  • A rich history highlighted by the Grand Pré National Historic Site, historical centre point for Acadians from across the world.
  • A bustling local farm market which is a social and musical centre as well as a place to buy local, sustainable food.
  • Local vineyards with great local and organic wines!

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