Applying For Axcess Acadia And Tuition Costs

We're excited that you are considering applying for Axcess Acadia! For information on the application process and cost of attending Acadia please explore this page.  

If you think you might be interested in Axcess Acadia now or in the future but would like more information please reach out! We're happy to connect on the phone, in person, or through email. To set up a meeting or to ask any questions please contact us at 


Who Can Apply For Axcess Acadia?

The following list outlines the criteria for who qualifies for the Axcess Acadia stream: 

  • Has a self-identified intellectual disability or developmental disability 
  • Does not meet the current standard admissions criteria for Acadia University’s bachelor programs. 
  • Motivated to learn in areas of interest to them 
  • Eager to experience post-secondary school 
  • Prospective student’s field of interest is available at Acadia University 

Axcess Acadia is open to students who need varying levels of support to thrive in a post-secondary education environment. Motivation to learn and curiosity are the biggest success factors in post-secondary school, we determine who would be a good fit based on that rather than the complexity of required support and will not turn a student away based on the support they require. 

Cost Of Axcess Acadia

Axcess Acadia students are responsible for paying the auditing fee for each course and residence fees should they decide to stay on campus. Students must also cover the cost of their own transportation, student fees, class supplies, textbooks, and any other incidental expenses. However, for the past few years, provincial funding has been available to cover the cost of tuition and tutoring for all of our students. However, monetary support may be available for educational disability-related supports such a note-taking, communication support, assistive technology, or specialized transportation.  

As Acadia students, successful applicants have access to the universities' accessible learning services support as well, who can be contacted at 

At Axcess Acadia, we believe that education should be available to everyone and that cost should not be a barrier. If you think Axcess Acadia would be a good fit for you, but you cannot afford the costs associated please reach out as we may be able to offer financial support on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note these estimated costs are based on the 2023/24 Academic Calendar. Fees may vary per year and course. 

Additional materials: $200 per semester. This includes printing, office supplies, and other miscellaneous materials. Costs vary based on the program and courses selected. 

Residence fees*: 

Minimum room cost for a shared double room: $$5,905.00 

Maximum room cost for a private suite: $$9,780.00 

Typical single room: $$8,215.00 

For more information on residence options, please visit or contact us at 

*Please note staying in residence is optional. Students may also live off-campus or at home. 

How to Apply For Axcess Acadia

We’re excited you’re considering attending Acadia University through Axcess Acadia, and we can’t wait to connect. The first thing to do if you would like to apply for Axcess Acadia is to fill out the application form, which can be found here. After you submit your application you will receive a standard follow-up email confirming your submission, followed by a personalized response from the Axcess team letting you know our availability and for successful applicants' next steps. 

Please note that Axcess Acadia only has space for up to 5 students at a time. If you apply and are a good fit for the stream but there is no space available, you will be put on a waitlist and contacted when a place opens up. 


Deadlines 2023/2024 academic year:  

Program application deadline: June 5th, 2024 

Still, want to get involved but missed the deadline? Email us at to see if there are still openings available for this year or next!  

If you think inclusive post-secondary education is right for you, but Acadia University doesn’t offer the types of classes you’re looking for reach out or contact Cape Breton University and Mount Saint Vincent University for more inclusive post-secondary education options.