Employment and Student Life


The University experience is about so much more than the courses themselves! It's an opportunity to connect with others, gain work and volunteer experience, have fun, learn about yourself, and gain some independence. It is because of this that Axcess Acadia is committed to supporting you in engaging in all aspects of the student experience.



One of the key aspects of the University experience is working towards a career. Because of this, Axcess Acadia supports our students in working towards their employment and career goals. Students who wish to work or volunteer during the school year will be offered employment supports to apply for jobs and volunteer opportunities. Students who do not want to work during the school year are not required to.

As employment readiness is a significant aspect of Axcess Acadia, we work with students to find relevant summer employment, which will count towards their certificate credits. During and towards the end of the student’s time with Axcess Acadia, we also work with them to help them determine their goals for the transition from university into their next steps, be it employment, further education, etc.

Examples of employment supports include:

  • Connecting with community organizations
  • Resume and cover letter support
  • Job search skill building
  • Employment workshops
  • School to employment transition support

Fun Fact!: Students 70%-80% of students who have graduated from Inclusive Post Secondary initiatives in Alberta found part-time or full-time employment after graduating.

Student Life
Four students smiling in front of food, presents, and drinks.

Students are also encouraged to participate in all aspects of campus life, including residence (if they so chose), events, clubs, intramurals, and more! The student’s Social Coach and the Axcess Acadia Coordinator can be great resources for finding out what opportunities there are through Acadia's thriving student life scene! For a smaller school Acadia University has plenty of opportunities for Axcess Students to get involved Whether it’s volunteering for an internal organization like Acadia Pride, or the Axe Radio, joining a club like the Outdoors Club or the Dance Collective, running for student government, or playing in intramurals, there’s something for everyone.

Check out these links to learn about the different clubs and activities offered at Acadia University!

Acadia Athenaeum Newspaper: http://theath.ca/

Acadia Theatre Minifest (open to non-theatre majors): https://theatre.acadiau.ca/minifest.html

Club Sports: https://www2.acadiau.ca/student-life/residence-campus-life/club-sports.html

Intramural Sports: https://www2.acadiau.ca/student-life/residence-campus-life/intramurals.html

Manning Memorial Chapel Choir: https://chapel.acadiau.ca/ChapelChoir.html

Residence House Council: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/asu-campuslife

Running for Student Government: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/asu-elections

Student Clubs: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/asu-campuslife

Student Union Internal Organizations: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/internal-organizations

Student Volunteering: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/internal-organizations (Community Outreach)

Work: https://www.acadiastudents.ca/work-in-the-sub

Student Supports

We then work with our students to offer individual supports based on their needs. Examples of available supports include:

  • A tutor for each class
  • A social coach
  • A peer mentor
  • Modified evaluations (tests, exams, assignments, etc.)
  • Accessible technology
  • Employment supports and mentoring
  • Access to Acadia Accessibility Services
  • Other campus resources include counselling, the peer support centre, the Acadia Sexual Health Centre, and more.