A Day At Axcess Acadia

In a typical week, Axcess Acadia Students will spend their time working towards their learning goals through attending classes, working on assignments, joining in on study groups and meeting with their tutors.

It’s not all about courses though! As the university experience includes so much more than academics, our students can be found hanging out with classmates, attending campus events, participating in clubs, competing in intramurals, attending town events, working out at the gym, shopping downtown, and more. These opportunities are a great way to build lasting connections and friendships while working on the social skills and personal development that all students experience while in University.

During the school year, some students will choose to work in part-time employment on campus or in the community. Other students may choose to volunteer. During the summer, students can also be found working in student jobs related to their field of interest.

Axcess students and volunteers smiling at an event with food and drinks.