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Mysterious Encounters is an environmental education program designed for grade 4, 4/5, or grade 5 classes and organized around an intensive and exciting one-day outdoor environmental experience on the woodland trails of the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University in October. It has been offered since 1997 in the Annapolis Valley and is sponsored by the Acadia University Community Development Program. This experience provides the springboard and program framework to facilitate teachers to integrate environmental learning into the regular classroom curriculum. It transforms the field trip into an integral element of the curriculum, which motivates further learning. The children work in small groups of 5-7 students on the trip day and are led by Acadia University Community Development students as a part of their third year Environmental Education course. Dr. Alan Warner from Acadia University directs the program.

Outcome Goals for Elementary Students

• To increase appreciation, enthusiasm, and interest in the natural world.
• To understand the concept of energy flow, including photosynthesis, food chains, and energy storage.
• To reflect on personal environmental habits and reduce their impacts.
• To develop specific curriculum outcomes in areas of teacher priority
• To have fun and pursue environmental learning both in and out of school. 

Program details and logistical information

For further information, e mail Dr. Alan Warner


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