ACDC Awards

Live-N-Learn Award

Recognizing an outstanding student who enhances the quality of life and learning for others.

2019 Tineke Weld

2018 Kaileigh Skinner
2017 Leslie Ubels
2016 Emma Wallace
2015 Haley Green
2014 Morgan Darymple & Tayler Sim
2013 Shannon White
2012 Karol Halliday


Volunteerism Award

Recognizing an outstanding student who has shown considerable leadership and involvement within the community.

2019 Mariah Skater

2018 Morgan Dunn
2017 Katherine Lawrence
2016 Karlee Perry
2015 Gillian Bergsma
2014 Megan Beliveau & Danica Montgomery
2013 Megan Beliveau
2012 Rachel Morrison


Founders Award

Recognizing an exceptional individual new to the Community Development program who has demonstrated passion and promise to develop into an outstanding student and graduate.

2019 Oscar Leishman

2018 Katherine Waterbury
2017 Victoria Hendricks & Tom Goguen
2016 Morgan Dunn[nbsp & Janice Cougle
2015 Myah Rach-Sharpe & Rachel Simoni
2014 Sophie LaMarre
2013 Colin Smith
2012 Danica Montgomery