Lyle Davis Community Engagement Award

Victoria Hendryks

Victoria brings a tremendously positive and fun-loving spirit and dedication to everything she does, which always means bringing people together and building community. She has served as a liaison between the Wolfville Farmer's Market and students in the Community Development program and was a key organizer in events to raise awareness for advocacy efforts for missing and murdered indigenous Women in Canada. She is a musician who frequently plays at student events, and an avid outdoor enthusiast. She is as likely to be found hiking to Cape Split as playing music at the Farmers' Market.


Victoria is pictured receiving the award from Marla Davis and Prof. Scott Hennigar.


About Lyle Davis:

This award was established to honour Lyle Davis, who was an inspirational member of and instructor in the Recreation Management program (now Community Development) in the 1970s and 1980s. It is presented to a returning Community Development student who demonstrates the exceptional qualities for which Lyle Davis will be remembered. Lyle was an inspirational leader who embodied an active lifestyle. He was optimistic, fun-loving, deeply connected to others, and lived life fully.

Lyle Davis fulfilled many different roles in the Recreation Management program and more broadly at Acadia before his life ended tragically in 1991 in an accident in Lake Louise. He died while engaged in the outdoors pursuits he so loved and enjoyed. The claim can never be made that he wasted one minute of his all too brief life. One way that Lyle found to share and acquire knowledge was through voluntary work on a variety of local, provincial and regional organizations. Although he was well versed with academic knowledge and teachings, his objective was to always apply such knowledge to community settings. He has a deep understanding of the concept and value of community, and contributed to weaving the fabric of every community to which he belonged by giving freely of his personal assets and motivating/inspiring others to do so as well.

He is survived by his wife and partner Marla, and their three children. The family, alumni and faculty in the Community Development program have worked together to endow a modest award for the student who receives this award each year.