Chapters in Books

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. (2018). Transformative leadership. In Neal, J. (Ed.), The handbook of personal and organizational transformation. New York: Springer.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. (2017). Come together…for what? Creativity and leadership in postnormal times. In Sardar, Z. (Ed.), The postnormal times reader (pp. 357-378). London: The Centre for Postnormal Policy Studies.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. (2017). The creativity of culture and the culture of creativity research: The promise of integrative transdisciplinarity. In Glaveanu, V. (Ed.), The Palgrave handbook of creativity and culture research. New York: Palgrave.

Journal Articles

Donnelly, G. (in press). Leading through the tensions and polarities of social change. Journal of Transformative Education.

Donnelly, G. (2017). Book review: Postformal education—A philosophy for complex futures. Journal of Transformative Education, 15(4), 377-379.

Eisler, R., Donnelly, G. & Montuori, A. (2016), Creativity, society, and gender: Contextualizing and redefining creativity. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (3) 2.

Donnelly, G. (2014). Inner peace, global impact: Tibetan Buddhism, leadership and work: A review. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion (11)1.

Montuori, A., & Donnelly, G. (2014). Come together…for what? Creativity and leadership in postnormal times. East West Affairs: A Quarterly Journal of North-South Relations in Postnormal Times (2)1, 47-70.

McGregor, S. & Donnelly, G. (2014). Transleadership for Transdisciplinary initiatives. World Futures (70) 2.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. (2013). Creative inquiry and scholarship: Applications and implications in the doctoral degree. World Futures (69) 1, pp.1-19.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. (2013). Creativity at the opening of the 21st century. Creative Nursing (19)2, pp. 58-63.

Donnelly, G. (2013). Reading the signs of the times: Centering religion and development. Canadian Journal of Development Studies (34), 2, pp.189-202.

Donnelly, G. (2011). Indigenous women in community leadership: stories of economic, social and cultural empowerment within the Canadian context. Case Study Series, No. 1, Coady International Institute: St. Francis Xavier University.

Keynotes, Presentations, and Workshops

Donnelly, G. Invited keynote. How do we measure social change efforts? ReSport—Transforming Sport for All in Nova Scotia Workshop. March 2019, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Donnelly, G. Invited panelist. Sustainability: Enter Interdisciplinarity? Creative Connections Symposium. Atlantic Centre for Creativity. Acadia University, November 2018, Wolfville, NS.

Donnelly, G. & Torbert, J. Invited presenter. Relational Creativity: Conversations and Practices. Taos Institute 25th Silver Jubilee Conference, November 2018, Cancun, Mexico.

Donnelly, G. The Perceived Polarities of Social Change. Brave Leadership Art of Hosting Training, November 2017, Boston, MA.

Donnelly, G. Co-led a three-day workshop for the global Art of Hosting community of practice on the topic of research, evaluation, and harvesting for systems change, March, 2017, Halifax.

Donnelly, G. & Montuori, A. Designed and facilitated a 3-month long leadership program (in-person retreats and online) for Climate Action Business Association (CABA) board and staff Spring & Summer, 2017 Boston, MA.

Donnelly, G. & Drescher, M. Designed and delivered a series of online trainings on developmental evaluation for practitioners working in community and organizational development, Spring 2016.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. Fractals of Resilience. International Leadership Association Annual Conference, October 2013, Montreal, Canada.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. The Changing Face of Creativity. Academy of Management Annual Meeting. October 2013, Orlando, Florida.

Montuori, A. & Donnelly, G. Leadership, Creativity & Women. International Leadership Association’s Inaugural Women and Leadership Conference, June 2013, Pacific Grove, California.

Donnelly, G. & Crinean, K. Outcome Mapping & SchoolsPlus: Lessons Learned for 3 Years of Evaluation. Canadian Evaluation Society National Conference, June 2012, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Donnelly, G. Religion and International Development. Canadian Association for the Study of International Development Annual Conference. June 2008, Vancouver, Canada.

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