Journal Articles

Donnelly, G. (2020). Leading change: The theory and practice of integrative polarity work. World Futures.

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Book Chapters

Donnelly, G. & Montuori, A. (2021, in press). Engaging Creative Tensions in Activist and Social Movement Spaces. In E. Tilley (Ed.) Creative Activism: Research, Pedagogy and Practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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Book Reviews

Donnelly, G. (2017). Book review: Postformal education—A philosophy for complex futures. Journal of Transformative Education, 15(4), 377-379.

Donnelly, G. (2014). Inner peace, global impact: Tibetan Buddhism, leadership and work: A review. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, 11(1),187-189.

Other Publications

Cobb, M. & Donnelly, G. (2015). Community-based, participatory and developmental evaluation approaches: An introductory toolkit. Ecology Action Centre. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Donnelly, G. (2011). Indigenous women in community leadership: Case studies series. Coady International Institute: St. Francis Xavier University.

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