Master of Community Development

We offer a small, innovative and interdisciplinary two-year Master's degree in Community Development. We seek applications from excellent graduating and mature students with a range of Bachelor's degrees who are interested in an intensive, self-directed and engaging program. The program is thesis-based and students also complete a number of courses while working in close collaboration with faculty on their research project. There is an opportunity to compete for graduate scholarships. We are seeking applicants who have a particular interest in one of the following areas:

  • Community Leadership, Equity, and Social Change
  • Tourism and Sustainable Community Development
  • Active Transportation and Community Health
  • Sustainable Food and Community Development
  • Renewable Energy and Community Engagement
  • Adventure Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Community-Based Resource and Environmental Management

The program can enroll up to two highly qualified students a year and is very demanding, both academically and professionally. Graduate students are expected to have strong academic skills, including writing, presentation, and interpersonal communication. Every graduate student writes a thesis and completes a professional or teaching practicum. Students prosper from a close association with faculty. The small size means that graduate students can gain access to faculty in other departments throughout the University for assistance with their academic coursework and research. The scholarship application deadline is February 1 but otherwise, applications are accepted throughout the year.