Trail Planning in Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, Scotland


A team of students journeyed to Scotland with Dr. Glyn Bissix and Marion McCahon to explore the differences in context and managment practices between Scottish and North American National Parks. As a part of this work the team helped to do GIS mapping of specific trails, provided some earth education programming and considered best practices for trail managment in this context. The Scottish landscape was spectacular and along the way were visits to Glasgow and Edinburg plus a meeting with the Community Development program faculty and students at the University of Glasgow.



Digital Storytelling with the Kings Volunteer Resource Centre

A team of students interviewed a range of non-profit organization staff about their work and volunteer opportunities as part of a process of developing digital stories for an an interactive community sector map for Kings County that provides a deeper understanding of existing non-profit, volunteer, and community- based organizations. 

Understanding the Life Circumstances of Migrant Workers

Students developed an understanding of the life circumstances of migrant farm workers in Kings Count. They interviewied workers, farmers and community members to help assess needs for improving their quality of life and access to resources while they are working in the region. This work was one piece of the Kings County Action Plan for Ending Racism. The results of the assessment were presented to staff and municipal counselors for Kings County.