Career Options & Opportunities

The Bachelor degrees in Community Development may be a stepping stone to further post-graduate education and careers or a professional degree that graduates use to enter professional fields immediately. The program emphases on leadership skills and values, management skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and community development, make it a desirable degree for admission to a range of graduate programs. Numbers of our graduates have gone on to complete teaching degrees, law degrees, MBAs, and academic masters degrees. They are now practicing as teachers, corporate, non-profit, and government managers, and health professionals, to name a few.

There are a wide range of careers for which the degree is seen as an entry level professional qualification. These include various roles in municipal government, health promotion, special events planning, youth and community programming, outdoor and adventure education, community sport and environmental education, to name a few. The strength in the degree is the diversity of opportunities, though it is important for students to tailor there specific areas of study to the types of work they are aiming toward down the road, especially in their third and fourth years in the program. 

Potential Professional Roles with Community Development 

• Community Developer
• Recreation Director
• Teacher/Educator
• Youth Development Programmer
• Programming for Persons with Challenges
• Seniors' Promotion and Services
• Health Promotion & Active Living
• Arts and Culture Management
• Event Planning and Marketing
• Outdoor Adventure Specialist
• Community Planning
• International Community Development
• Eco-tourism Entrepreneur
• Camp Director or Programmer

• Fitness Centre Management
• Sustainability Planning
• Tourism Promotion
• Small Business Owner
• Social Entrepreneur
• Corporate/Agency Teambuilding
• Environmental Educator
• NGOs/Government Programming 
• Criminal Justice Programmer
• Community Facilities Manager
• Wilderness Guide
• Park Interpreter or Manager
• Tourism Promotion
• University Services and Programming

View the diverse organizations here that our students work in for placements based on their career directions.