Scott Hennigar


Intro technical Skill Classes:

  • Intro to Camping
  • Intro to Snowshoeing
  • Intro to Cross Country Mountain Biking
  • Intro to Cross Country Skiing
  • Intro to Canoe Tripping
  • Intro to Adventure Programming
  • Intro to Sea Kayaking
  • Intro to Orientation
  • Intro to Winter Camping

Advanced Technical Skill Classes:

  • Outdoor Leadership one
  • Outdoor Leadership two
  • Outdoor Leadership three
  • Winter Survival
  • Advanced Survival
  • Advanced Wilderness Navigation
  • Wilderness Canoe Tripping
  • Bike Touring Leadership
  • Advanced Skills and Standards - Challenge Course
  • Sea Kayaking Tripping

Theory Classes

  • Adventure Programming
  • Adventure Education
  • Outdoor Recreation Management
  • Adventure in the Classroom

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385 War Memorial Gym

Acadia University
550 Main Street

Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6

Phone: (902) 585.1724

Fax: (902) 585.1702


Scholarly Interests and Expertise

  • Adventure program design and delivery
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Teaching methods for remote wilderness situations
  • Wilderness survival
  • Risk management
  • Primitive technology
  • MentoringA

Community Service

  • Advisor and mentor to Annapolis Valley Regional School Board's At Risk Youth program
  • Advisor and mentor to the Nova Scotia Youth Facility alternative learning program


Did you know Scott Hennigar...

  • Has attended seven wilderness survival courses at the Tracker School in USA
  • Has been mentored by survival expert Tom Brown Jr.
  • Works with world renown challenge course expert Rich Klajnscek at Seafox Consulting
  • Has attended a bicycle training camp with Chris Carmichael Training Systems (Lance Armstrong's Coach)
  • Collects outdoor tools, including knives, axes, and primitive weapons
  • Has acquired and restored five antique cedar canvas canoes including three Chestnuts, a Harold Gates and a Tremblay
  • Has worked on international disaster relief programs with the American and Canadian Red Cross
  • Has never had an indoor job in his life!


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