Honours Degrees

Honours is a challenging degree for strong students in which you work 1-1 with a faculty supervisor to design, carry out and write a research thesis in addition to undertaking all of the standard requirements for a Bachelor of Community Development degree. Honours students also complete an additional higher level research methods course. Honours students can apply for an honours scholarship at the end of their second year, which can enable them to receive funding to do their research in the summer between their third and fourth years. Those interested in honours should consult the program head or individual faculty members.


Janine Annett: "Exploring the Impacts of a Feminist Mentorship Program on Undergraduate Students and their Communities"

Erika Bout: "Beyond Calories and Currency: Exploring the Impacts of a Farmers Market Coupon Program on More-Than-Food-Security"

Sarah Lavallée: "Greenspace Attachment and Community Resiliency" 


Melissa Grandberg: "Exploring Women Farmers’ Perspectives of Sustainable Agriculture through Photovoice"

Tineke Weld: "Investigating the Effects of Storyline Programming in a Municipal Day Camp Setting"


Kaileigh Skinner: "Parents Conceptualization of Youth Social Capital Development through Soccer"

Rachel Sparling: "The Well Sibling Experience: Narratives from siblings of person’s with mental illness"

Brad Vince: "The Rail to Trail from Wolfville to Kentville and its Impact on the Elderly Demographic"



Brandon Jennings: "The Role of Servant Leadership in Western Consumer Driven Society"


Karlee Perry: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Implementation of a Community Art Project"

Chelsea Sellers: "Volunteer Tourism: Exploring Motivations, Benefits & Reciprocity"

Jessica Wall: "Action Research Assessing the Wolfville Sustainable Food Bucks Program"

Emma Wallace: “The Role of Community Engagement in Renewable Energy Development: Issues and Challenges”


Haley Green: "Exploring How Residential Camp Employment May Facilitate Transferable Skills for Future Work and Education"


Shannon White: "The Perceived Benefits and Barriers for Baby Boomers Volunteering in Hospital Settings"


Sarah Geiwitz: "Best practices and policy in outdoor recreation for children with chronic medical conditions and disabilities"

Emily Livingston: “Social Media as a Tool for Young Women’s Need Satisfaction”

Simone Spears: "An Investigation Into Mentors’ Perceptions of Their Role in Positive Youth Development Through Leisure"