Dr. Alan Warner


Professor Emeritus

Please note: Alan is not accepting new Master’s degree students under his supervision.

Teaching Areas
  • Environmental Education
Scholarly Interests and Expertise
  • Environmental Education
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Youth Leadership
Community Service
Did you know that Alan...
  • is leading a Nova Scotia provincial strategy to train leaders to help children and youth to re-connect with nature.
  • has designed numerous award-winning experiential environmental education programs in partnership with the HRM Adventure Earth Centre, involving more than 60,000 children and youth
  • has accompanied students on fourth-year community development projects to live and work with Arawak peoples in the rainforests of Guyana, and with Indian villagers in the remote Himalaya.
  • has twice been the Canadian Environmental Educator of the Year.
  • co-founded and lives in a small intentional community that includes an organic farm and a sustainably managed woodlot.
  • has biked across Canada and loves to travel the world on environmental and outdoor adventures.
  • spends a lot of time in nature with his grandkids discovering the magic in nature through their eyes

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