What is Axcess Acadia?

A group of students and faculty pose together outside of the Wolfville Farmer's Market.

Axcess Acadia is an approximately 4-year inclusive post-secondary education option for students with self-identified intellectual or developmental disabilities who would not qualify for the standard admission to Acadia University. Axcess Acadia aims to support students in experiencing the opportunities, learning, and growth that come with attending post-secondary education with their peers.

Through Axcess Acadia, students will have the opportunity to audit Acadia courses, engage in student life, gain employment experience, volunteer, and more. To support our students in this, Axcess Acadia offers a variety of individual supports to help our students thrive during their time at University. Students who complete the stream will be given a Certificate of completion at the Acadia Convocation.

The goals of Axcess Acadia and Inclusive Post Secondary Education are:

  • Enhance knowledge, skills, and awareness.
  • Improve social and communication skills
  • Meet peers with similar interests
  • Develop friendships
  • Continue learning with peers in an academic setting
  • Engage in athletic, leisure, and recreational activities with other young adults
  • Prepare for future employment possibilities
  • Work or volunteer at the University
  • Explore personal interests
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Experience personal growth

These goals echo the goals that many university students and their families have when deciding to attend post-secondary education and are things that all students can get by attending post-secondary institutes. Here at Axcess Acadia, we not only believe in the benefits that students can get from attending Acadia but the countless benefits Acadia gets from all students who join our community.