Visitor Experience in Scotland’s National Parks & Protected Areas


The course goal was to provide a broad exposure to the contrasting provision of recreation and park services, the different approaches to community development and environmental and community sustainability, and the professional roles and approaches found in Scotland. This field course was conducted in the Central Lowlands and adjacent Highlands of Scotland focused mainly within the boundaries of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.  Students worked with the National Park Authority, the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh (RBGE), and other agencies.  Additional fieldwork was carried out in Edinburgh and Glasgow.



Greening Acadia’s First Year Student Orientation

The purpose of this project was to examine the current orientation week for first year students at Acadia University. As an institution Acadia strives to be a leader in environmental and community sustainability. Students were tasked with creating programs and recommendations for implementation in the upcoming year’s welcome week. The students examined current policy, written documents, student’s perspective and current practices at other universities to provide feedback on promoting a greener welcome week at Acadia.


Our Voices: Hopes Dreams and Struggles of Persons with Challenges

Students were partnered with people at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre to help these people tell their stories. The result of these partnerships is the book Our Voices. The project’s philosophy was that when persons with ‘special needs’ become regular people, with all their gifts and foibles, just like anyone else, we stop seeing them as ‘needy,’ and they become unique and ‘special.’ It has become personal. The project and the resulting book “speaks to the value of partnerships between individuals and organizations in creating a stronger, more caring community.