Recent Community Programming Course Projects


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Here are some of the community programs student groups have organized as a part of the Community Programming course.These projects were the focus for teaching the theory, concepts and skills related to program design. Typically three students planned each event. 

Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre—KRRC:  KRRC is a long term care facility and set of small option homes serving persons with a range of mental and emotional challenges. Students worked with approximately 20-30 clients with mental challenges to plan and lead a social/recreational activity day for them at Acadia entitled the “unbirthday.”

Girl Guides Dance: Students organized a large dynamic evening dance in Kentville for approximately 100 girls 5 to 13 which included a range of recreation activities.

Brownies Outdoor Program: Student organized a five hour program for 10-12 girls (7-8 years old) focusing on outdoor skills and camp craft.

Brigadoon Halloween Evening: Students helped plan and facilitate an evening of Halloween activities for Kings County children at Brigadoon Village.

Aldershot Afterschool Program:  Students planned and organized three afterschool sessions for children ages 6 to 12 focused on an introduction to various sports, games and sport skills.

Camp Kujichagulia Community Fundraising Dance: Students planned, marketed organized and an evening fundraiser dancer to support the camp, which provides an opportunity for African Nova Scotian youth to explore Acadia and the benefits of post-secondary education for a week each summer.

Youth Leadership Video Program: Students planned and facilitate a community leadership program for  Wolfville Youth through Wolfville Recreation which involved young people learning skills and producing a video based on community assets.

Active Living Education Program: Students planned and led an active living education program with 8-12 years and 6-8 year olds on three days after school in November.

Harvest Feast: Students organized and facilitated a Fall Feast and Harvest program for the Acadia Farm.

Farm Education Program: Students planned and led a field trip program for a grade three-four class at Wolfville School to the Acadia Farm where they learned about plants, sustainable food and gardening.

Seniors Remembrance Day Event: Students planned and led a Remembrance Day Ceremony at two local nursing homes.

Lyle Davis Family Bike Event: Students organized and led a family bike activity day in Wolfville.

Food Bank Coffee House: Students organized an evening coffee house attended by more than 200 people in support of local food banks.tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/RECR 2513 2.jpg

K.C. Irving Centre Halloween Event: Students worked with the Irving Centre to plan and deliver a large evening Halloween program open to the whole community that educates about plant and environmental themes in keeping with the mission of the Irving Centre. The evening was called “Night of the Living Forest” and involved a tour using all of one’s senses.

Beacon Program: Beacon is a psycho-social rehabilitation program based in Waterville for people recovering from serious and persistent mental illness. Students organized an program focusing on the 5 aspects of wellness and they were involved in activities such as broomball, tour of the residence and a visit to the meal hall as well as wellness education activities.

Just Us Development and Education Society Evening Soiree: Students organized a community education event for the Just Us Development and Education Society. It included a guest speaker Lebia who works with small farmers, especially women, on land and labour rights struggles in the Highlands of Guatemala. It also included an authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony demonstration by Lete Iassu.

Beacon Program, Valley Mental Health Services: Students organized and led a day-long social/recreational program for clients of a psycho-social rehabilitation program for people recovering from serious and persistent mental illness. The program focused on the 5 aspects of wellness and participants were involved in activities such as broomball, a tour of Acadia and a visit to the meal hall, as well as wellness education activities. 

Hannah Miller Fund Fundraising Event: Students organized a major fundraising event for the Hannah Miller Memorial Hockey Fund that encourages and supports young girls to play hockey. The event was a dinner, silent auction and live auction at Boston Pizza. More than 125 people attended and it raised nearly $5000.  

Camp Aldershot Military Sports Tournament: Students organized a sports tournament for approximately 35 military officers from countries around the world who were at Camp Aldershot taking a 3 month course on peacekeeping and conflict resolution.

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