CODE 4013: Policy, Planning and Decision-Making

Course Description:
An exploration of the conceptual and procedural theory regarding planning and public policy as it pertains to the delivery of recreation and leisure. Emphasis will be placed on agency, community sector, and governmental decision-making processes. The laboratory will provide opportunities to facilitate the planning process.

Course Goal:
To develop practical skills in applying corporate or strategic planning to the leisure, tourism and community development fields.  Emphasis is given to the integration of the planning function with policy interpretation and development, strategy formulation, plan ratification and implementation as well as the control and evaluation of the policy and planning process.  Special consideration is given to the special challenges and concerns of the not-for-profit and multi-agency planning environments.


  • To understand and develop basic skills in strategic planning
  • To understand the purpose, process, sequencing of organizational policy development
  • To gain hands on experience using group facilitation skills.