CODE 4033 Global Issues and Social Advocacy

Course Description:
Is our understanding of leisure applicable in a global sense? This course identifies quality of life issues and solutions in selected cultures and subsequently examines examples of social change through the application of leisure concepts.

Course Goal:
The purpose of this course is to assist students to develop an understanding of leisure in a global context. How would leisure values, attitudes and behaviours differ if the cultural, economic, environmental, geographic, and political circumstances of our lives were different from what they have been and are? How do these different circumstances affect the lives of those who experience them by virtue of their country of birth or residence, their religion, their salary, their government, their family, their friends? Our efforts will be directed towards understanding and appreciating the global circumstances which shape the lives and hence the leisure of peoples around the world.

Course Objectives

  • To gain knowledge about various cultural, economic, environmental, geographic and political circumstances identifiable in today’s world that impact quality of life and its subsequent impacts on leisure.
  • To gain an understanding of global forces that systematically undermines individual, community, and nation states abilities to meet their needs and build their capacities.