Recent Graduate Theses

Chaiti Seth
Identifying Key Leverage Points for Shifting towards more Healthy, Just and Sustainable University Food Systems (in progress)

Mike Crowtz
Enabling Outdoor Education in Nova Scotia Schools (in progress)

Caitlin Peace-Williams (in progress):
Exploring Factors that Support Social Acceptance of Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia (in progress)

Mike Neville
Independent HydroPower Production in British Columbia and the Impacts to Whitewater Kayakers: Ashlu Creek Case Study

Josh Budish: 
"Who Holds the Whistle?: Investigating the Role of the Coach in Sport for Development"

Robin Campbell:
"International Volunteerism: A Case Study of Experiences and Impacts"

Ziwei Liu:
"Exploring the Relationship between Cultural Tourism Development & the Mosuo People in Lugu Lake, China"

Cate Trueman:
"Impacts of Sustainability Peer Education on Youth Leaders" 

Kelly Whitney-Squire:
"Exploring the Relationship Between Aboriginal Ecotourism and Community-Based Development in Haida Gwaii, Canada"

Jeff Martin:
"Risk Management in Canadian Post-Secondary Outdoor Adventure Education." 

Jacquelyn Oncescu:
"An Investigation of Recreation and Cohesion in Isolated Communities" 

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