Recent Graduate Theses

Anika Smithson
The Great Canadian Green Crab Hunt: An Evaluation of an Experiential Ocean Literacy Program for High School Students

Chaiti Seth
Identifying Key Leverage Points for Shifting towards more Healthy, Just and Sustainable University Food Systems

Caitlin Peace-Williams:
Exploring Factors that Support Social Acceptance of Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia

Mike Neville
Independent Hydropower Production in British Columbia and the Impacts to Whitewater Kayakers: Ashlu Creek Case Study

Josh Budish: 
Who Holds the Whistle?: Investigating the Role of the Coach in Sport for Development

Robin Campbell:
International Volunteerism: A Case Study of Experiences and Impacts

Ziwei Liu:
Exploring the Relationship between Cultural Tourism Development & the Mosuo People in Lugu Lake, China

Cate Trueman:
Impacts of Sustainability Peer Education on Youth Leaders 

Kelly Whitney-Squire:
Exploring the Relationship Between Aboriginal Ecotourism and Community-Based Development in Haida Gwaii, Canada

Jeff Martin:
Risk Management in Canadian Post-Secondary Outdoor Adventure Education 

Jacquelyn Oncescu:
An Investigation of Recreation and Cohesion in Isolated Communities 

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