Outdoor and Adventure Education

This area of study is designed to support your development as a skilled leader in the expanding fields of outdoor recreation and sustainable tourism, You may aspire to work in adventure education, eco-tourism, or to a career in interpretation or parks and protected areas. Or you simply may enjoy living or learning in the outdoors and appreciate the challenges and growth potential that it offers. Emphasis is placed on providing experiential learning opportunities in the outdoors and the community coupled with a focus on relevant theory and concepts. Courses relevant to this area are:

  • CODE 1523: Outdoor Recreation Management
  • CODE 1533: Sustainable Tourism
  • CODE 3563: Environmental Education
  • CODE 3523: Parks & Open Space Development
  • CODE 3543: Natural Resource & Environmental Management 
  • CODE 3563: Environmental Education
  • CODE 3593: Ecotourism
  • CODE 3613: Group Facilitation
  • KINE 176D: Outdoor Leader 1
  • KINE 276D: Outdoor Leader 2
  • KINE 4563: Adventure Education
  • KINE 180D  Intro to Adventure Programming
  • KINE 181D  Intro to Mountain Biking
  • KINE 182D  Intro to Cross Country Skiing
  • KINE 184D  Intro to Canoe Tripping
  • KINE 185H  Kayaking
  • KINE 185D  Special Topics: Outdoor activity skill building labs such as Intro to Orienteering, Intro to Snowshoeing, Intro to Winter Camping, Intro to Rock Climbing.
  • KINE 280D  Bike Touring
  • KINE 281D  Advanced Canoe Tripping
  • KINE 282D  Advanced Survival
  • KINE 280S  Special Topics 2 Outdoor activity skill building labs such as Advanced Challenge Course Technical Skills, Mountain Bike Touring, Advanced Navigation, Advanced Rock Climbing).
  • KINE 281D  Advanced Canoeing
  • KINE 282D  Advanced Survival

Students should consult their faculty adviser to craft this area of study to suit personal needs.