Recreation Management

This area of study focuses on students gaining skills and knowledge to pursue careers in municipal, non-profit and commercial recreation. The focus is on developing knowledge and competence in programming, management and administration with respect to a range of recreation services. Emphasis is placed on providing experiential learning opportunities in the community coupled with relevant theory and concepts. Students have conducted accessibility assessments in local communities and have worked to provide social and leisure programming to children, youth and persons with mental challenges. Courses focusing on this area include:

  • CODE 1523: Outdoor Recreation Management
  • CODE 1533: Sustainable Tourism
  • CODE 2513: Concepts of Leisure
  • CODE 3513: History & Philosophy of Leisure
  • CODE 3523: Parks & Open Space Development
  • CODE 3543: Natural Resource and Environmental Management
  • CODE 3553: Leisure Education
  • CODE 3563: Environmental Education
  • CODE 3573: Festival and Special Event Management
  • CODE 3583: Diversity and Inclusion
  • CODE 3593: Ecotourism
  • CODE 3613: Group Facilitation
  • CODE 3963: Special Topics: Community Development through the Arts
  • CODE 4973: Independent Study
  • KINE 1993:  Physically Active Living
  • KINE 2003: Adapted Physical Activity
  • KINE 2253: Sociological Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport
  • KINE 4563: Adventure Education
  • Introductory Activity Courses (Canoeing, Biking, Survival, Kayaking)
  • ECON 3733: Economics of Recreation & Sport
  • ECON 3743: Economics of Tourism

Students should consult their faculty adviser to craft this area of study to suit personal needs.